Finance Application Platforms

Technology for smarter financial management

Global financial institutions value the improvements to their portfolio and capital management, transaction management, business intelligence, and risk and compliance management from our practice’s financial service and technology offerings.

We engineer solutions leveraging our comprehensive understanding of the financial industry’s business and technology drivers. The aim is to deliver quick and innovative solutions to an industry that thrives on speed, efficiency, and bottom-line results. We have committed ourselves to understand the Financial Services Industry, which has enabled us to efficiently address the technology challenges for our clients.

Fingent combines domain expertise and intelligent technology implementations to provide comprehensive solutions that help financial services institutions address challenges such as:

  • Unprecedented Regulations
  • Increasing Competition
  • New Customer Needs
  • Evolving Financial Products

Some of our services for the finance and banking industry include

  • Internet Banking and Mobile application banking
  • Loyalty programs and rewards management system
  • Custom accounting software with integration with third party platforms like QuickBooks, SAP, etc.
  • Quote Management Systems
  • Real Time Online Auctions
  • Mobile Payment Processing
  • Capital Management Solutions
  • Loan processing
  • Mortgage Banking
  • Portfolio / Asset Management

We keep ourselves updated with the constantly changing challenges and opportunities in the Financial services industry. We work with our clients as their trusted technology partner and help them discover innovative ways to adapt to shifting regulations, achieve continuous simplification of IT and operations, improve their customer experience, and gain access to new products and markets.

Talk to us about your custom financial software requirements today.