Software Package Evaluation

Analysis and Evaluation of Third-party Software Packages

Selecting a third-party software package or software service is an effort which most organizations must periodically embark upon. Fingent understands your move to adopt a package that reflects upon your organizational goals. These goals are believed to embrace the tradeoffs between control and cost.

In order to successfully achieve these goals it’s essential that an organization makes use of a framework that helps formalize the way that your goals relate to the characteristics of the packages selected and their vendors. This kind of a framework is a specialized version of a Business Architecture that is narrowed to focus on your goals, processes, knowledge elements, features and IT architecture. Understanding the impact of the selected solution on these elements and how they combine to provide an overall improvement in your organization’s ability to achieve its goals, is core in assuring that the correct package is chosen. Failure to correctly evaluate the full impact can cause organizations to incur unforeseen costs as well as issues in timeliness and quality.

Fingent can help you with an unbiased, independent third party evaluation of software packages that enables your organization to evolve the best industry practices.