A Customized Software Solution To Create Immersive Learning Experience

How Fingent helped create Biblingo, an intuitive learning app to facilitate effective, fun, and convenient learning of the biblical languages.



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Biblingo was created with an aim to advance God’s Word in the world by making the biblical languages more accessible and easier to learn. The team envisioned helping laborers of all kinds master the culture and languages of the Bible, in order to aid them in transforming our world.

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With the lack of solid resources to learn the biblical languages, it is difficult to grasp or actively use them in day to day life. Students often spent hours together on Greek and Hebrew only to make little progress in originally using the languages in perfect understanding.

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Executing an immersive and interactive approach, Biblingo helps students to quickly recognize literary patterns, grammatical structures, and senses of words, enabling them to faster learn the biblical languages, stress-free.

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