Advancing Business Software Development With Cloud-Native

Business Impact Brief by 451 Research

Surviving in today’s market is difficult without feature-packed business software. And Cloud-Native is the strategic approach to building modernized applications that drive a streamlined digital transformation journey.

This 451 Research will help you get a clear perspective on the trends and processes to transit to a Cloud-Native and DevOps software development approach!


What you’ll read further:

43% of companies say microservices are the most critical cloud-native approach for app development and deployment.

Today’s digitally equipped customers demand quick, responsive, and unique service experiences. With apps that are flexible and scalable with time, enterprises can remain future-ready, plus gain a competitive edge by seamlessly deploying the latest technologies. And Cloud-Native can bring this to the table!
The 451 Research, a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, will help your leaders gain useful insights on how Cloud-native powers app delivery, how to tactfully adopt Kubernetes, and how to get smarter with a serverless approach.

Download the complete report and read further about:

  • Why your business needs Cloud-Native
  • Cloud-Native adoption progress
  • The business impact of implementing Cloud-Native
  • Business future with Cloud-Native

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    What can you learn about?

    How Cloud-Native opens up a world of innovative possibilities

    Cloud-Native is a strategic priority for enterprises undertaking net new development

    Cloud-Native powering app delivery

    Finding the right mix with Cloud-Native

    Leveraging the abilities of Cloud-Native with the best partners

    Key Take Away

    “Cloud-Native” is now the prevailing mindset and methodology for infrastructure and application architecture.