Enhancing Operational Efficiency In Hydroponic Farming with Customized Web Application

How Fingent helped a leading hydroponic farming company in the US transform its data management, tracking, and operational capabilities through customized technology.


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Hydroponic Farms, Indoor Farming

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React js, HTML5, JS, PHP

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A Hydroponic farming company looking to utilize technology to enhance product quality and delivery time through minimum wastage and enhanced operational efficiency. Very few or almost no off-the-shelf technology solutions cater to the specific operational needs of Indoor/Hydroponic Farming companies.

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Dependency on multiple third-party applications, manual paperwork, data entry, and calculations restricted the company’s ability to track each KPI accurately, hindering their product quality and delivery time.

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Our proposed solution - A customized web application that seamlessly integrates with third-party apps, eases tracking KPIs at each farming stage, streamlines employee management, and enables effective planning and forecasting, all from a single platform.

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