INTERACT 123: Fully-streamlined course management application to help instructors manage credit hours

How Fingent enabled Substantive Solutions, Inc. to render educational requirements in a simple and comprehensive manner


Substantive Solutions, Inc. (SSI)

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Connecticut, US

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Angular 8 | MySQL | PHP Laravel Framework

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Substantive Solutions, Inc. (SSI) had created an analytical approach to help educational establishments that face challenges related to managing credit hours. SSI's requirement was to assist them in making their solution more practical and secure.

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It was difficult to render the educational requirements in a simple and comprehensive manner using their legacy course management application. Moreover, the instructors were using Excel sheets to keep track of their credit hours.

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INTERACT 123 offers higher educational institutions a pioneering approach for addressing compliance for online, hybrid, and onsite programs related to instructional design, educational delivery, engagement, and professional development.

“ Off-the-shelf products in the market couldn’t accommodate our multi-party customer relations model “.

Fingent’s bespoke CRM application, tailored to our needs, streamlines processes for both our builders and suppliers. They even suggested ideas to maximize efficiency “.

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