MJH Life Sciences™: Migrated 36 Websites to Sanity.io, the Headless CMS

How Fingent’s resource augmentation capabilities enabled MJH Life Sciences™ with seamless CMS migration and website modernization


MJH Life Sciences™

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NJ, United States

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Life Sciences

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Sanity.io | PHP | Vercel | React

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Migrate 36 websites hosted on different versions of Drupal to the headless CMS- Sanity.io without losing any crucial data. Ability to customize front-end using cutting edge technology, avoiding back-end dependencies.

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Legacy databases prevented the customer from staying relevant with the latest technology. Challenging to deliver engaging digital content experience. Pushing content to numerous touchpoints was time-consuming.

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Restructured client’s content management within a limited time ensuring the least downtime of existing systems. Increased customer retention rates led to reduced bounce rates and improvement in website traffic.

“ Off-the-shelf products in the market couldn’t accommodate our multi-party customer relations model “.

Fingent’s bespoke CRM application, tailored to our needs, streamlines processes for both our builders and suppliers. They even suggested ideas to maximize efficiency “.

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