Odoo ERP Integration with Kogland,
a leading B2B e-Commerce Healthcare Procurement Platform

Fingent helped Kogland integrate Odoo ERP into their B2B e-Commerce platform that streamlined their diverse business functions



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Healthcare e-Commerce

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Magento 2 | Odoo ERP

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Kogland was looking for a single digital platform that could offer them end-to-end visibility into purchases, sales, inventory, stock value, and other crucial business parameters. They wanted to remove data silos and improve enterprise-wide visibility.

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Manual processes, communication challenges, financial disorder, and inefficient customer data tracking resulted in poor decision-making. They also found it difficult to deliver personalized services to customers.

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Being an Official Partner of Odoo, Fingent helped Kogland integrate Odoo ERP into their system. Kogland now handles order management, purchase management, and inventory management using Odoo and also enjoys a horde of business benefits.

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