Simplified Patient Care

Encourage is a patient care solution developed by Fingent that promotes effective communication amongst various players in the healthcare ecosystem


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The Objective

Encourage is a healthcare solution that drives better healthcare outcomes by promoting better communication and cooperation between a doctor, a patient, and a patient’s caregivers.

The Solution

With Encourage, a doctor can keep track of a patient’s progress, assign tasks, reminders and care plans as part of the patient’s profile. The patient also can involve selected people as caretakers into their care plans. The solution also enables users to get educational material regarding procedures or illnesses. To better engage patients and caregivers, there is a rewards-based gamification component.

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How we helped our client

patient care tracking software

Rewards System

Document Management

Manage Caretakers

Manage Patient Profile

Track Patient Progress

“The application that Fingent developed is excellent and has great visuals. The team explains their process thoroughly, makes changes that are requested promptly, and addresses bugs quickly and professionally.”

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