3D Commerce: Accelerating Customer Engagement In Retail

Industries in focus: Retail, Ecommerce, On-Demand Printing, Fashion & Textile
The sudden boom in the ecommerce industry has stiffened the competition for retailers. The only way to remain relevant in today’s market is by providing unique customer experiences. But the new age digital customers need more than just online shopping and instant home delivery options. They demand the ability to interact with products before making a purchase. Can emerging technologies like AR and 3D Web Configurators help retail businesses up their game in the field of ecommerce? Let’s find out!
“Demand for 3D retail experiences is expected at large from multi-generational consumers by the year 2026. “
The spread of mobile devices with AR capabilities will lead customers to completely abandon traditional shopping ways, making 3D Commerce an essential mode of marketing for retailers.
Challenges in focus:

Custom Designing with 2D Configurators

Enabling customers to design their products is one of the best approaches to gaining traction. With 2D configurators implemented in web and mobile applications, retailers can seamlessly let their audience customize their products as per their desired fabric, color, pattern, and designs.

Top Benefits:

  • Cost-effective product customization
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced product returns
  • Increased brand loyalty

Improve Product Visualization with 3D Configurators

Customers feel empowered when they have detailed product information. 3D configurators make it easier for customers to visualize products in a 3D view, allowing them to make informed purchase decisions. Furniture stores or manufacturers can easily leverage this technology for product customization and demonstration.

  • Easy product visualization
  • Save cost on physical showrooms
  • Allow in-store experience from anywhere
  • Eases display of large catalogs

Virtual Try-ons with 3D Commerce

Shopping habits are evolving! Customers now like to try out products before purchasing them. That’s why top retailers, especially in fashion and beauty, now utilize 3D Commerce solutions to provide customers with unique virtual-try-on experiences. By uploading photos or using AR apps, customers can easily try on clothes, make-up, and accessories or visualize products in a chosen space.

  • Contactless shopping experience
  • More opportunities to upsell and cross-sell
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Keep pace with the competition

Integrated Technologies for Smarter Shopping Experiences

Sometimes, you need more than one technology to power unique shopping experiences. Retailers selling complex products like machinery and furniture can utilize a mix of 3D, 2D configurators, and AR to allow customers to ease product customization, visualization, and purchase processes.

  • Complete digitized shopping experience
  • Simplify product designing, visualization, and purchase
  • Reduce manufacturing wastage
  • Improve sustainability

Learn how a leading On-demand Textile Printing Firm utilized 3D Web Configurators to boost their competitive edge in the market!

How Custom Software Development Helps Better Leverage The New-age Technologies

Modern retailers need to adapt to the changing customer demands consistently. A custom software solution makes it easier to leverage emerging technologies and scale business with time while catering to the company’s unique challenges.


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