Custom Data Analytics and Online Ticketing Solutions For Call Before You Dig Centers

Enabling ‘Call Before You Dig’ Centers Plan Excavations Smarter with Customized Data Visualization Solutions
The topmost priority of One-Call Centers or ‘call before you dig’ services is to provide customers with the most accurate and relevant information. However, with vast volumes of data generated daily, extracting valuable insights from this information overload becomes challenging. Moreover, when operations rely on time-consuming manual processes and outdated ticketing methods, the risk of losing essential data increases, delaying important decisions. And when One-Call Centers makes delayed decisions, it costs huge on excavation projects and utility damages.
What 811 centers essentially need are ways to quickly identify crucial information that supports their decision-making, budget planning, and reporting. That’s why such organizations are now largely opting for robust data integration processes that allow a unified and comprehensive flow of information. What’s better than data visualization-powered customized data analytics dashboards when it comes to streamlining disoriented data?
Custom Dashboards built with robust Data Visualization tools helps comprehend and analyze enormous amounts of information effectively, allowing organizations to harness the power of data. With customized data analytics dashboards, what one-call centers can achieve are:

Data Management Success Rates with Data Visualization

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More timely information for decision-making
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Improved data quality
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Increased data accessibility
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Reduced reporting time

How 811 Centers Can Benefit From Customized Live Ticket Tracking and Data Analytics Dashboards

Improved comprehension: Graphical representation makes it easier to comprehend complex data and quickly keep track of ticket status, expenditures, and other valuable information.

Enhanced decision-making: Easy identification of key insights, outliers, and correlations helps in the quick identification of opportunities, anomalies, and risks that support effective decision-making.

Easy analysis & reporting: Data visualization automates data comparisons and generates curated results allowing better overview and perspective on crucial matters like budgets, causes for damage, operator reports, and mileage for quick analysis and reporting.

Quick identification of errors: Visualized data such as charts, graphs, and scatter plots make it easier to spot inconsistencies or unusual data points that may require further investigation.

Effective data collaboration: Visual data makes it simpler to comprehend complex concepts and findings. This makes it easier to convey information to a larger audience, stakeholders, and non-technical individuals, facilitating effective data collaboration.

Read how utilizing data visualization tools Grafana and Tableau helped our client take better decisions to plan excavations.

Why Customize Dashboards When You Can Purchase Pre-Built Dashboards

Custom dashboards offer the advantage of tailoring visualizations and functionalities specific to the organization’s needs, resulting in the creation of a more effective and impactful data management and decision-making tool. Moreover, it ensures enhanced data security, user- experience, and integrations that improve brand quality and trust.
Advanced Analytics and Insights
With custom dashboards, one can leverage the best techniques and tools to incorporate predictive analytics, data modeling, and statistical analysis capabilities that uncover hidden patterns, trends, and correlations within the data.
Data Security and Privacy
Custom dashboards provide greater control over data with easy implementation of specific security measures, access controls, and data encryption protocols that align with data governance policies or compliance requirements.
Enhanced User Experience
With custom dashboards, one can remain flexible with the design and navigation styles based on the functional complexities of the firm, enabling a more engaging user experience and efficient data utilization.
Custom Integrations
Enabling easy integration with existing tools, software systems, and data sources, custom dashboards help consolidate data from various sources into a unified view, enforcing quick and accurate decision-making.
Branding and Aesthetics
Custom dashboards offer the opportunity to incorporate branding elements, visual style, and aesthetics that help maintain a consistent visual identity and reinforce brand image.

Not sure which data analytic tool can help you harness your data better?

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