Web Operations Management

Our process support team at Fingent has helped web based business achieve sustained growth, by good and consistent performance day after day. We can help you with Non Voice helpdesk services and also with Inbound marketing services.

Non Voice Help Desk Support

We provide non voice help desk support to help you: understand your customers better, improve conversion rates and keep your customers happy. Our process support team can help you build up a real time connection with visitors and signed-in-users on your web application or website. A website or an FAQ, even an extremely well designed one, will not be able to cater to all potential customer segments. Easy access to relevant information helps users complete tasks efficiently on your site or application, increasing the potential for upgrades and repeat business.

Live Chat Support

Live chat support allows your company to engage in one-to-one live chats with customers in real time. Each person in your support team at Fingent can manage upto 4 live chats simultaneously.

Email Support

We assist companies across a wide range of industries in selecting appropriate marketing strategies and infrastructure to create cost efficiencies, optimize marketing, and maximize message deliverability by conducting operations research, and statistical and quantitative analytics of large data sets.

Business Research And Analytics

We have successfully handled email support services for several organizations and our experience ranges from handling simple as well as complex queries.Our process support team usually works in close cooperation with content management and development teams, to ensure that customer feedback reaches teams who can leverage this information to better serve your business.Are you looking for effective helpdesk support? Or are you unsure about how a helpdesk might be useful for your web based business? Why not drop us a message and we might be able to help you out.

Inbound Marketing

Are you looking to drive more traffic to your website? Fingent’s inbound marketing team can channel relevant traffic to your website, helping you improve conversions and improving word of mouth. We can also help you with content marketing, and online reputation management; key areas when you are running your business on the web.If you are running a web based business, or are planning to launch one soon, we may be able to help you manage your web operations as you scale.