Cloud Strategy and Planning


We do thorough market research to make sure that your concept is a viable and the better option for consumers. Adding our technology expertise, we ensure that reach market faster and smarter.


We have enabled our clients like Rentmoji, Voke, GeoSure etc to deploy market disruptive products. Our expertise enable us to successfully launch innovation increasing consumer reach.


Our expertise across numerous industries has enabled us to integrate our solutions with innovative practices and industry best standards to keep you ahead of competitors.


We enrich your business idea with market data, business process and target consumer understanding to ensure that you have market advantage over your competitors.

To build a quality product quickly, several facets must be conceptualized and executed seamlessly. Critical milestones include arriving at a robust architecture, identifying the required unique set of features and choosing the appropriate technology. Experienced resources are needed to accomplish this, which is a huge challenge for product companies. In addition, we understand cost optimization is of utmost importance.

We can assist you with reducing time to market, fostering innovation, improving operational efficiency, establishing PLM processes/program and project management. We provide full-scale product engineering services across the software product development lifecycle ranging from consulting and application development to technology re-engineering and product support, enabling companies to be competitive in the market.

Rentmoji Application


Fingent’s vast experience in digitally transforming the real estate industry, and our diverse technology capabilities, enabled us to propose a single, all-in-one application that streamlined all processes in the property management lifecycle under one hood for our client. Our previous experience with this industry aided us to select and include only the best practices considering the process, the design, the development, and the features. We envisioned Rentmoji suite of products as a robust single source property management solution for residential rental properties, especially for Single Family Rentals, Multi-Family Rentals, CAM and HOA management. The platform also streamlines the management of investment property portfolios.

VOKE Application


Fingent developed Voke for CRU, one of the top missionaries in the world. Voke is a free chat app for Android that allows you to share compelling videos with your friends and to be present to chat about it when your friends are done viewing it. Voke took chatting and sharing content with contacts to the next level.

  • SQL Lite
  • android java
  • amazon sqs
  • gcm
Pidgin Application


Pidgin was a great employee motivating app developed by Fingent that enabled employers to quickly value employees for their contributions. Pidgin™ works in one of two ways. Cash Rewards, which hit employee's bank accounts instantly and custom kudo messages. With Pidgin™, any employee can send as many custom “Pidgin™ Kudos” to any employee in the company instantly, thus positively rewarding employees for their work.

  • SQL Lite
  • Cordova
  • gcm
  • APNS
Geosure Application


The GeoSure app was developed to ensure personalized travel safety content via mobile. Fingent developed the mobile application which is powered by a highly sophisticated analytical engine that combines hundreds of evaluated information sources including those from the CDC, WHO, United Nations, State Department, Interpol, local authorities, updated global crime statistics etc.

  • SQL Lite
  • Native Android Java
  • google map api
Lego Bricks Application

Lego Bricks

Fingent developed an iPad application for The LEGO Group, a plastic toys-construction company that aims at helping LEGO enthusiasts quickly and easily find the instructions to their lost LEGO sets. Users can search, view and download instruction sheets for LEGO sets. The app stores instructions to all LEGO sets released that can be filtered by the year of release, category, name or number. Users can download the LEGO instructions, and add it to their favorites for offline access.

  • SQL Lite
  • swift
  • Cocoa Touch Framework

Our Product Lifecycle Services Include:


Refine product functionality and identify issues early through porotypes tested in market conditions. Our prototyping services ensures that you can minimize development risks and forecast investments. We can help deliver, complete specification lists keeping in mind your future scalability along with static mockups, and designed interfaces.

Product Development

As a strategic partner, we can help you create software products that add value to your customers. We can help you identify emerging trends and understand market requirements. Our software development team helps translate these insights to innovations that help you gain competitive advantage.

Product Testing

Our Quality Assurance team, ensures that the product hits the market with full functionalities and performance. We ensure that the product is scalable, reliable and secure. Our testing spans across approaches such as Validation Testing, Load Testing, System Testing, Functionality and Crash Testing.

Product Support

Our continuous maintenance and support ensures that your product will always be the latest and greatest in the market. The support team is empowered with the latest industry trends and technology tools to ensure that your product has full functionality and efficient process to keep your customers delighted.
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