Artificial Intelligence Enhance Business Capabilities & Customer Experience.

Recent advances in data science and in the technology toolset for Artificial Intelligence have expanded both the kinds of problems addressable with AI solutions, and the approaches that can be used to generate practical insights. This power is being used by forward-looking businesses to develop customized platforms that drive enhanced customer experiences and improved organizational efficiencies.

At Fingent, we help our clients employ the latest in AI technology to strengthen their capabilities, solve business complexities, and drive innovation. We’ve implemented AI solutions for the insurance industry, higher education, and more. We make it our business to stay on top of emerging advancements in AI - with a careful eye on what is practical. That’s fundamental if we are to deliver to our customers the seamless data-driven solutions that enable task automation, predictive analytics, unique user experiences.


Customized Applications

Customized AI-powered apps can help derive transformative insights for expanded opportunities. Speech recognition and Natural Language Processing are AI-driven technologies that we can take advantage of in breakthrough, hands-free web and mobile applications that allow effortless interactions and simplified data explorations.


Task Automation

The evolution of Robotic Process Automation has enabled automating monotonous tasks for enhanced accuracy and efficiency. Driving higher levels of value stream optimization provides manufacturing enterprises with process automation that yields a greater margin of profit with reduced manpower and operating cost. Leveraging automated image recognition capabilities, AI is also enabling security and protection enhancements.


Predictive Analysis

Self-learning AI streamlines the identification of intelligent insights from, say, customer data, and statistically generated algorithms to predict future outcomes. We help organizations make use of such insights to speed business problem solving, resolve business complexities, and discover new opportunities to save costs and increase revenues.


Machine Learning

AI can use behavioral science and machine intelligence to better analyze the needs, preferences, and behavior of customers - or your employees. Deploying sophisticated machine learning platforms from Google, AWS, Google, and IBM - together with deep learning techniques - we can help you improve your customer experiences and drive better business outcomes. Whether through speech and face recognition apps, or smart-home automation systems, there is a world of innovation you can take advantage of.


Conversational AI

AI-powered conversational tools enhance business operating margins with transformative voice-based solutions. With our expertise in conversational AI that can listen and speak, we can help you maximize productivity, boost sales, increase customer satisfaction and lower operational costs through automated high-frequency customer interactive chatbots and tools like AWS Polly or real-time translation services to expand the global reach to new markets.


Cognitive User Experience

Fingent’s tech experts can help your business leverage AI technologies to create intelligent, tailored and customer-first experiences. Multiply your effectiveness and interface and interact with your customers more effectively, with personalized services elevated with AI superpowers while lowering operating costs exponentially.

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