Streamlining Private Jet Charter Operations with A Customized Integrated Solution

How Fingent helped a leading private jet charter company in the US build a customized integrated solution to enhance their operations with unified capabilities of multiple third-party tools.


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The client’s dependency on off-the-shelf software restricted integrations, operational transparency, and automation causing an increased risk of ‘Empty Leg.’ They realized an immediate need for a modern and integrated system to help them leverage the new-age technologies to remain upfront and ahead of the curve.

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Ensuring an effective private jet charter required systems to communicate with each other and provide intelligent insights that could help the company take quick and effective actions. Fingent realized the company required a customized solution that could equip them with more flexibility in operations and help them modernize with advancing technologies.

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Fingent’s customized integrated solution, enabled the company to utilize data from over 10-15 third-party tools to plan trips and manage crews, sales, and operations effectively. With a streamlined process, our client can now take timely and accurate actions to avoid the ‘Empty Leg’ scenario and provide unique customer experiences to stay ahead of the competitive curve.

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