DevOps Engineer

Skill Set

Preferred Experience: 6-8 Years Experience

Key responsibilities

Design and build & devops toolchain that includes source control management, continuous integration solutions, and continuous deployment solutions as well as integrating these to agile toolsets

Experience and knowledge

  • Strong experience on designing and building source control management solutions such as Azure DevOps,git, bitucket that supports multiple agile teams working on different release schedules
  • Strong experience in designing and building a continuous integration solution for microservices and modern javacript technologies, using tools such as Team City, Jenkins, Azure Devops, Gitlab, slackbots
  • Strong experience in designing and building a continuous deployment solution for microservices and modern javacript technologies, using tools such as Team City, Jenkins, Octopus Deploy, Azure Devops, Git
  • Strong experience in designing and developing package management solutions such as NuGet, ProGet, NPM, WAR for internal developer code sharing that includes appropriate versioning
  • Strong experience on docker solution for containerisation
  • Strong experience in designing on-demand non-production environments that caters for various development stream needs and testing requirements with the ability to provision environments with API
  • Strong experience in integrating devops tool chain to the broader ALM tools
  • Strong experience in defining ALM processes and acting as an agile coach
  • Experience with scripting tools such as Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Terraforms, Arm Templates, Cloud Formation
  • Experience with cloud computing technologies and cloud native features, preferably Microsoft Azure
  • Experience on web servers such as Nginx, Apache/Tomcat, IIS
  • Experience in toolings that uplift CI/CD pipelines such as Static Code Analysis, Automated Testing Integration, Automated Security Testing, Automated Performance Testing
  • Experience in designing and configuring monitoring solutions such as Azure App Insights, ELK, Spunk
  • Experience in designing and developing developer quality and productivity metrics dashboards
  • Experience on iPAAS and iSAAS platforms

Skills and attributes

  • Deep understanding of modern devops design patterns
  • Prior experience in development is an adbvantage.
  • Experience with ALM tools such as Jira, Confluence, Azure Devops
  • Ability to champion, influence and uplift devops culture.
  • Strong systems, problem solving and analytical skills; exceptional verbal & written communication skills
  • Excellent self-learner with high aptitude to acquire and master new technology skills
  • Ability to evaluate and challenge functional and technical requirements and design
  • Ability to work in an onshore/offshore environment
  • Experience working in a legacy transformation project


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