Senior Manager- Marketing

Skill Set

Key Responsibilities

Head the marketing team with a focus on Branding, Mass Media, and Account-Based Marketing. Closely work with multiple industries including Real Estate, Retail, Aviation, Healthcare, Utilities, and Logistics. Recognize deficits in each of these industries, able to pitch technology solutions to improve productivity and efficiency.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Managing Day to Day marketing tasks list and ensuring team performance.
  • Market Planning and Strategy Analysis
  • Market Implementation
  • Market Segmentation and Consumer Profile Analysis
  • Product Planning and Sales Package Designing
  • Value Proposition Development
  • Pricing Strategy Development and Analysis
  • Managing the product marketing lifecycle
  • Ideate industry and service-specific content and marketing materials to support key channel partners and vendors.


Positioning and Messaging

  • Ideate and build inspiring, influential customer-facing assets and collateral that communicate service/product value and it\’s unique advantages
  • Manage and update customer-facing websites to ensure maximum customer engagement and inbound lead generation.
  • Work Closely with the solutions team to develop proposals and solution documents. This involves pitch presentations and product demos.


Marketing Automation

  • Work closely with sales and product management department to put in place essential marketing automation functions with a core focus on digital analytics and re-marketing.
  • Develop relevant collateral (including whitepapers, case studies, videos and solution documents) and customer focused assets that can be used for marketing automation to reach targeted markets better.


Go-to-Market Strategy and Execution.

  • Craft marketing plans around the target market and build digital capabilities (SEO, Website optimization, direct email, AdWords) to reach potential target markets.
  • Media coverage and PR initiatives to build brand awareness and influence decision making.
  • Participate in relevant events to build brand awareness around products and services.


Customer Relations

  • Analyze, research and build customer profiles for account-based marketing.
  • Ideate and execute loyalty programs.
  • Develop high impact-full case studies and reference materials along with testimonial videos and service focused solutions.
  • Webinar and Seminar campaigns.


Vendor Relations

  • Manage PR and Advertising agencies to ensure quality and performance
  • Manage Printing and Documentation vendors to ensure quality output and at minimized costs.


Marketing ROI

  • Track and Develop Marketing Budgets
  • Measure various success factors of marketing initiatives and plan to invest in those that give better returns
  • Work closely with the sales team to achieve business objectives and revenue goals.
  • Work towards building sustainable brand growth and profitable sales.

Digital Marketing

  • Build Digital Marketing Strategies around social media and content
  • Plan and execute targeted advertisements including AdWords
  • Understand consumer behavior focused on their online activity and make necessary updates to content and user experience.


7-11 Years

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