Add New Dimensions to Equipment Maintenance
with IIoT, AR, and Big Data


Maintenance professionals in today’s highly competitive manufacturing industry face constant pressure to maximize machine availability for uninterrupted and quality production. Unplanned downtime even in one machine for a single day can result in losing customers to competition, adversely affecting the company’s bottom line and reputation. For the same reason, typical manufacturing facilities are now transforming into smart factories, that bank on disruptive technologies for timely and efficient maintenance. Digital document storage, AR-guided training and remote maintenance, and IIoT-powered predictive maintenance and automated spares ordering are leading to new equipment maintenance paradigms. The result is an intelligent and connected ecosystem where downtime is minimal, operational costs are optimized, redundant processes are automated, and operational efficiency is at its peak.

Challenges Faced in Machine Maintenance


Poor document management encompassing inefficient routing and tracking, misplacing and losing critical paper-based documents, inept revision control, and siloed maintenance.

Inadequate local maintenance expertise and widening skill gaps that result in long hours of production downtime before the equipment manufacturers reach the worksite to rectify the issue.

Relying on either run-to-failure strategy to maximize the useful life of parts or early replacement method to ensure uptime. Both strategies lead to catastrophic outcomes, such as downtime and disrupted operations.

Assumptions-based spare parts management resulting in either procurement delays and prolonged downtime, or unnecessary build-up of spares inventory leading to obsolescence.

Difficulties in monitoring the conditions of machine parts in remote locations that are difficult for regular technicians to access without dismantling.

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How IIoT, AR, and Big Data are Giving Rise to Smart Factories

A cutting-edge solution that entails cloud-based document storage, automated spares management, AR-guided remote training, and IIoT-based data collection can beat the pressing issues plaguing equipment maintenance in manufacturing today.

These leading-edge technologies help you resolve the challenges in equipment maintenance:

Cloud-Based Document Storage

By scanning machine-specific QR codes through tablets, maintenance personnel can view detailed product descriptions and other crucial details.

AR-Guided Training and Remote Maintenance

Machine maintenance teams can schedule service requests and avail remote assistance from manufacturers through AR-powered video chats.

Automated Spare Parts Management

The solution also enables users to analyze the condition of parts, place replacement orders for parts nearing failure, get quotes, create purchase orders, and track shipment status.

Preventive and Predictive Equipment Maintenance

Sensor-fetched machine metrics are compared with historical data based on fault detection algorithms to trigger alarms when deviations occur.
From fail and fix to prevent and predict, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Augmented Reality (AR), and Big Data help you execute an effective all-round equipment maintenance program that increases productivity and improves quality, safety and reliability. By detecting faults at an early stage and reducing production stops, you can limit equipment downtime.


  • Reduced unplanned downtime by identifying equipment defects in advance.
  • Easy access to machine details in a central repository at a button’s click.
  • Improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and process efficiency achieved by leveraging intelligent machine data derived from disparate sources.
  • Enhanced safety for maintenance professionals.
  • Improved quality, reliability and yield.
  • Reduced production and operational costs.
  • Seamless and clear training to maintenance professionals remotely through live videos and 3D models.
  • Timely and precise procurement of spares from suppliers.

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