Augmented Reality in Shopping Malls: Building The Future Shopping Malls

AR in Shopping Malls: An Overview

Over the past decade, e-commerce has been disrupting brick-and-mortar retailers. Reports of shopping centers and malls being shut down are heard from various countries. Online commerce is growing year over year compared to its traditional counterpart (brick-and-mortar stores). Online shopping provides consumers the advantage of placing orders at their convenience. Combine this with a wide range of products and deep discounts offered by digital retailers; e-commerce is eating up a large market share of the retail industry. Does that really sound the death knell of shopping malls and physical retail stores? Not likely. This is where Fingent can help retailers like you. We take an in-depth look at your consumer journey and use technology to improve it, most importantly to help your consumers gain a personalized in-store experience which they never forget.

Challenges Faced by In-Store Retailers

Surveying our customers, we’ve identified these common challenges faced by most of the brick-and-mortar retailers:

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Inability to deliver an omnichannel experience that fails to actively lead customers in-store.

Unoptimized inventory with limited product choices that brings down customer satisfaction.

Lack of advanced data analytics fails to track customer preferences and trends of buying patterns.

Unable to deliver unique, personalized and emotionally engaging shopping experiences to customers.

Insufficient technological prowess to leverage customers’ mobile devices to push hyper-personalized real-time promotions.

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Building the Future Smart Mall with Augmented Reality

Digital innovation can transform today’s shopping malls to smart malls of the future. For this, retailers need to embrace a smart model that combines the physical act of shopping with digital experience. This is where technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) can be used to improve the consumer’s in-store experience. The smart mall of the future is all about enhancing consumers’ experiences through their mobile devices integrated with Augmented Reality. 

Here’re a few augmented reality use cases for the smart mall.

Indoor games

Consumers can use the mobile app to scan clues and identify hidden treasures/coins and exchange them for getting discount coupons.

Offer/ voucher management

Consumers could scan hallways to get new offers/sales, redeem loyalty points, and earn discount coupons.

Immersive interaction

Interact with Augmented/ Projected characters/ animals, take pictures and experience products/ services in real-time.
Fingent’s smart mall solution offers consumers and retailers a mobile app that integrates AR and analytics into its fold. Understanding your consumer is vital and that’s why our ecosystem involves a recommendation engine that helps you profile your consumers by recording, analyzing, and visualizing consumer data gathered from different touchpoints.


  • Gateway for vendors to push targeted promotions to consumers based on their buying patterns.
  • AR recommendation engine that allows mall admins/ retailers to launch indoor games (such as a treasure hunt to find hidden collectibles).
  • Use the mobile app to track crowd movement in the mall.
  • Tracking of coupon usage and offers availed by consumers.
  • Tracking social media preferences and usage of consumers.
  • Video and Data Analytics that helps retailers to personalize services.
  • Allow visitors to check parking availability at the mall and get registered parking slots.
  • Place requests for allied car services such as a car wash.
  • Receive targeted promotions as they walk past stores.
  • Check out the offers and deals currently available at the mall.
  • Maps for navigating to restaurants, entertainment options, and other amenities.
  • Scan QR codes to avail store offer and redeem loyalty points.
  • Add favorite products to their wishlist and place orders at their convenience.
  • Locate & get directions to specific services such as a cash teller machine (ATM).
  • Click photos with characters and share them with friends/ groups.
  • Get back to the washed car and pay for the service using the app.
  • Integration with e-wallet

How Fingent can help?

Fingent helps you leverage emerging technologies in innovative ways to redefine your business processes. With a dedicated team of engineers who stay abreast of the latest technologies and agile methodology of development, we convert out-of-the-box concepts of our clients into solutions with ease.

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  • Top-notch developers
  • Dedicated quality assurance team
  • Adherence to QA best practices
  • Agile development process


  • No last-minute surprises
  • Efficient operations
  • Good coding practices
  • Expertise in latest technologies


  • Transparent project management
  • Warranty-assured deliverables
  • Carefully defined project plans
  • Handle unexpected challenges