How Custom Software Makes Businesses More Competitive

How Custom Software Makes Businesses More Competitive

Custom software provides the single greatest competitive advantage for any business

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on many industries. It has plunged the economy and lowered cash flow, forcing businesses and startups to take a hard look at their strategies and push forward to create a win-win solution even during these difficult times. Moreover, the present scenario changed how businesses function and how consumers shop. Hence, businesses must rethink their strategy and provide better solutions to their clients and customers. Custom software can be specially designed to meet your business’s specific needs and give you that much-coveted competitive edge.


Custom software focuses on creating a definite set of functions for your business. In effect, it is a procedure of designing, developing, and maintaining software for your organization with specific features tailor-made to suit your requirements. At Fingent, we provide custom software solutions that minimize work and maximize your business success. Our unique approach and process give you a dedicated team of experts who will analyze your specific needs and create custom software solutions that will help you deal with today’s challenges while equipping your business for success far into the future.

Custom software is truly a unique solution for your business needs

Custom software is proven to be more efficient for any business because of its genuinely unique approach to solving your business’s specific challenges.

Your business, your software

Custom software is designed to suit the exclusive needs and goals of your business. It allows you to have unique features which your competitors lack and gives you a unique selling proposition. In a nutshell, the best choice is to opt for a custom software solution for long-term benefits. It is an investment that brings in profits and helps your business stand out despite the cut-throat competition in your sector.

Meet the specific needs of your business

Most off-the-shelf software solutions offer a horde of options and functions that may or may not be useful to you. This makes it essential for each business to develop its own set of ingredients to create that secret sauce for success.

Calculated risks and returns

One of the notable advantages of custom software is that it is built from scratch, tailored to your unique business needs. The developer will analyze your project idea, gather necessary details, consider your business’s specifics, conduct a risk analysis, and come up with a uniquely suited software for your business.

Empower you to beat competition

Exceptional custom software with all the unique features that perfectly fit your business allows you to stay competitive. This is highly critical if you offer a product or service with unique options that your competitors do not yet provide. Custom software will help you release an original application or platform that gives you a competitive advantage over similar players in your industry.


In the ever-changing business scenario, your business needs to adapt to employees’ and consumers’ changing needs and patterns. Only scalable custom software offers the ability to handle the increased demands and trends and outgrow competitors in your business sector. As your business continues to grow, your software must remain scalable. This facilitates new capabilities to your application or platform. Opting for custom software now will help you avoid future scalability issues and customization challenges.

Achieve cost and time efficiencies with custom software

In what ways does custom software make your business more competitive? Here are some insights from our leaders:

Reduce costs in the long-term

Among the topmost concerns for both small and large businesses are the costs related to custom software. Just by looking at immediate costs, off-the-shelf software development might seem affordable. What you see might be the tip of the iceberg; there are always hidden costs such as the cost of maintenance and monthly or yearly paid-assistance. These can prove to be more expensive in the long run.

Cut out expensive staffing requirements

The costs of hiring and retaining a team of experienced developers to build your software or to maintain and upgrade off-the-shelf software can be an expensive affair. Outsourcing your software to a competent and dedicated team will give you the benefits of customized solutions that overcome recruitment headaches.

Automate daily routine tasks

When you automate tedious manual tasks, you will increase employee productivity, improve customer service, and leverage profits. Off-the-shelf solutions cannot help expand the business because it provides only limited support to automate the growing amounts of manual and repetitive tasks. On the other hand, custom software is fully responsive. It can be developed with a view to future growth and expansion. This will allow you to optimize or reorganize your business without spending extra time and money.

Better protection from a cyber breach

The costs associated with a cyber breach are immense, and many businesses have buckled under the pressure of handling data attacks in the recent past. Custom software can provide more robust data protection against cyber-attacks as it uses additional tools to provide such protection. Since it is custom-made software, your customer data will not be available publicly. A unique security code and encryption are used to hack-proof your software from any such attacks.

Timely implementation

Although off-the-shelf software solutions might seem like a quicker buy than custom solutions, the time taken to figure out the implementation and other aspects might eat up all the time you think you’ve saved. On the other hand, getting a custom software solution by trusted developers like Fingent means that you get a roadmap, a timeline, and a promise that you will not have to expend any of your own time on figuring out the kinks. You leave it to the experts, saving both cost and time.

Custom software grants ease of operation

Perhaps one of the biggest pros of custom software solutions is that it makes operations extremely simple for your business, employees, and customers.

Easy to integrate and operate

Compatibility issues can affect the productivity of your business. Off-the-shelf software solutions are universal and hence do not easily integrate with the existing applications of your business. This could lead to severe problems. In contrast, you can make custom software integrate with all your current business applications quickly. Through easy integration, managing and controlling your business becomes much easier.

Cut out the complex fluff

Unlike off-the-shelf software solutions that are bulky with too many unnecessary features, custom software is simple and has sufficient features tailored for your business needs. This increases employee productivity and reduces cost as it can automate repetitive manual tasks.

Get long-term support and assistance

Growth of a business warrants changes in the software. This means it would be meaningless to have a boxed solution. If you choose to use off-the-shelf solutions, your business can become hostage to its circumstances. Simply put, you cannot solve your own problems because the packaged solution solely depends on the software provider’s availability and capability. Custom software solutions can free your business from such restrictions. Tailored software allows your business to grow while improving and evolving your software in the required direction and measures.

Businesses place more trust in custom software

When your business requires a custom software application to be developed, you need to get it done with the right partner.

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