Custom Software or Off-the-shelf : Which Should You Opt for your Business – Video

Custom Software Development Vs Packaged Software – Tips to select the right solution for your business

Custom software and off-the-shelf solutions come with their own pros and cons. Organizations should assess their requirements closely and opt for one that suits their workflows and processes.

In this video, Dileep Jacob, Head of Operations at Fingent shares his insights on helping businesses choose between off-the-shelf and custom software offerings. He elucidates on how custom software and off-the-shelf solutions bring efficiency improvements within an organization. The benefits and limitations of the two platforms are dealt with to help pick the best choice for your business.


Businesses find it difficult to choose between off-the-shelf or custom software solutions. This video presents a clear picture of the key differences between the two together with their pros and cons to help businesses like yours pick the right choice. Fingent’s decade-long expertise in custom software development can assist you to make an informed decision by piecing together the best solution and guide in your decision making.

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