Facebook’s Notification App: Pros, Cons and Relevance in Businesses

Humans are unbelievable; they say they are dying to have the latest gadget, and a week after getting it, it becomes perhaps the most boring thing! They crave for a new car, and a month later the new car is in the lobby covered in all dust and mud! It’s difficult to predict what turns them on and what makes them bored. And funnily, boredom is the only true companion for them most of the time, because, it comes back to visit every now and then.
The same is the case with social media. I log off because I’m bored. And I log back in five minutes because I’m bored. There is a difference here though, every time I get bored with the popular social media like, Facebook, the company manages to bring up something that redeems its X-factor in my eyes. A latest example to site may be Facebook’s “Safety Check” tool that helped people to connect to their friends and relatives during the horrific events in France. I really appreciate the way social media unite during crisis; it renews my faith in humanity.
Facebook is out with another cool feature to help its users manage their smartphone notifications. Iphone has got its Notify app, notifying users about the latest news about ‘the things they care’ about right on the lock screen. On launching the app, users will be asked to select the channels of their interest (sports, weather, movies, etc.), managed by over 70 sources like Buzzfeed, ABC, GQ Magazine, Entertainment Tonight and The Weather Channel. Whenever there is a new headline in the category it appears as a notification to the user, where the user can swipe left and right from the lock screen to read the story and save it for later/ share with friends respectively.

How Notify App can get on your nerves
However, there is chance that you get overwhelmed with all kind of notification from the different channels you select. As it can streamline all notifications from the different apps into one single app, the app successfully meets its goal of making users use Facebook all the time. Having your phone’s notification light blink all the time with these many notifications and having the Facebook app run always in the background can drain considerable amount of your battery. Facebook have currently limited users’ access only to content from those sources it has partnered with, so it won’t still act as your complete news/ updates alert tool. This would also mean that you will get candy crush and other such invites as notification in phone, which can be quite distracting at times, though you can turn off notifications individually for such apps. The lock screen always tends to be a busy place where users want to swipe off fast to be able to use their phone; a lock screen filled with notification can distract the user from his intentions.

Application in work environments
Having said all that, a notification system for the real time environment like the work environment will be very effective in modern work culture, where there are an increased number of mobile workforces spending less time in typical office premises. According to a survey by Forrester Research, 44% of workers use their smartphones in work. Three out of every five workers say that their work is no longer office bound, and they need not be in offices to be productive. Such notification apps can be used in work environments to send, receive, track or respond to operational or emergency alerts from the SAP, ERP or CRM systems in the enterprise. The notification app will allow the dispersed workers to be connected and perform important tasks even when they are not in office. The managers can anytime oversee the activities, or access important documents, like invoices whenever a requirement arises. The app is handy to remind critical tasks or about upcoming events even when the employees are in offices. The notification works over cellular networks and Wi-Fi, which enable it to inform even employees on business tours to be aware of critical office events or tasks. Employees can use such apps to create unique messages and send it out to individuals or pre-defined groups throughout the enterprise right through their smartphone. For instance, if the marketing head wants to assemble the entire marketing team for a meeting next day, he could simply use the app to send out notifications/alerts to the members. It can send alerts or receive alerts from connected individuals at no charge unlike the usual sms alerts.

Facebook’s notification app is a powerful tool that finds application in various ways in different areas, just like the latter scenario. It offers a flexible, reliable and powerful way to stay connected, to communicate, and send notifications wherever the members are, enhancing business interactions, protecting resources and increasing operational efficiency. AWARE Mobility, for instance, is Fingent’s unique enterprise notification application based on specific business conditions using details from your SAP ERP system that has been configured in AWARE. Aware fits into any part of the SAP ecosystem, to help organizations connect with their members and keep them updated about the business processes via alerts, warnings or information messages, anytime anywhere on their Android or iOS smart devices. Our experts can help you with any additional information required.


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