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Fingent Receives High Praise from Leading Businesses Around The World!

In today’s increasingly digital marketplace, technology is key to gaining a competitive advantage. Of course, with technology advancing at an unprecedented rate, determining how to most effectively deploy the latest technologies is easier said than done.  As a top custom software development company, we build high-quality, cost-effective web and mobile solutions that deploy the newest technologies and meet all of your enterprise needs. 


We’re committed to delivering the best quality and customer service — and for that reason, we’re a trusted partner to some of the world’s leading enterprises and businesses. 

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We know how important it is for potential buyers to peruse client testimonials and understand what it’s like to work with us before signing a contract, and that’s why we’ve partnered with the ratings and reviews platform Clutch.

Of more than 300 firms, Clutch ranks us among the top 3 software developers in NY! Clutch determines industry leaders based on market research and client feedback, so we’re immensely grateful to the clients who have left reviews for us. One of our recent reviews were from Wage CALC, a company that provides attorneys and legal professionals with a better way to manage their wage and hour cases with wage & analysis software. 

Wage CALC was in need of custom software development services. They were looking for a trustworthy, well-known developer — and they found us on Clutch! Deploying a Microsoft Excel prototype that they’d created, we built their cloud-based app from the ground up.

“I’ve had such an excellent experience with them. Fingent exceeded my expectations.” — Founder & CEO, Wage CALC

The client was impressed that we were able to break down their complex, formula-heavy prototype. They commended our professional and responsive team and were particularly appreciative of how our SVP helped to streamline communication between our team in India and theirs in California.

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We received another 5-star review from a large transportation and logistics company that specializes in oil and gas equipment pickup and delivery. There’s a significant technology gap when it comes to processing orders, invoicing, and workflow management within the logistics industry, and we were prepared to change that.

We developed an end-to-end transportation management solution. The solution allows customer service representatives to assign vehicles for order pickup and delivery, while drivers can use a mobile version of the solution to send documentation and process tickets and billing. The company’s accounting team also uses the system to do invoicing, collect payments and close orders. 

“The management system is light years ahead of anything else in our industry.” — IT Director, Transporation Company

The client appreciated our consistency and availability, along with our team’s impressive knowledge and talent.

Meanwhile, The Manifest, Clutch’s partner site listing market experts, ranks us as the #1 custom software development company. To find out more about why Fingent is highly recognized in Clutch and how more can we benefit your business, contact us today — we offer free consultations! 

Looking for a reliable IT solutions provider?

Fingent has helped businesses leverage the power of IT to create solutions that solve complex business challenges for more than 13 years. Get in touch with us for a free consultation to know how you can leverage our expertise in web and mobile applications to improve your business for higher productivity and profits.

Tony Joseph

Tony Joseph

Tony believes in building technology around processes, rather than building processes around technology. He specializes in custom software development, especially in analyzing processes, refining it and then building technology around it. He works with clients on a daily basis to understand and analyze their operational structure, discover (and not invent) key improvement areas and come up with technology solutions to deliver an efficient process.

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