INFINCE Sets the Bar for Small Businesses at the NY Business Expo, 2018

INFINCE was showcased at the  NY Business Expo held on October 30, 2018, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York. The New York Business Expo is an annual B2B trade show for small and mid-sized businesses. The expo brings together business owners and executives of small companies who converge on this day-long event with conferences, sessions, and networking.

As a part of the exhibition, Stephen Cummings, the Senior Vice President at Fingent, took to the stage to deliver a session on running profitable small businesses in the age of digital technologies. He elaborated on how small-scale businesses can be empowered with technology to become competitive and highly productive to thrive in today’s market.

“Every company today, one way or another, depends on information. Successful companies are resilient and adopt the right mix of technology and processes as their appetite for information technology grows. We’ll present ways a small business can take advantage of recent advances in technology to compete more effectively, even against much larger companies.”

                                                                                          – Stephen Cummings, SVP, Fingent

Small Businesses and Technology

Technology should remain accessible to businesses of all kinds, whether big or small. Stephen highlighted on this very aspect in his 45-minute presentation. Technology comes with its own jargons that prevent smaller businesses from taking advantage. However, the onus is on bringing technology to businesses with smaller investments and workforce, so that they can thrive competitively.  

There is a perceivable gap in adopting technology among small businesses. He attributes it to the increasing costs and lack of adequate tech support, Besides, on-premise IT infrastructure was dissuaded in favor of alternatives like the cloud, where small companies can get computing resources at reasonable costs. This is where Stephen put forth INFINCE, Fingent’s own enterprise cloud platform to the spotlight.



INFINCE is cloud technology optimized for small businesses and a platform to run IT without any hassles. Stephen highlighted on some of the key traits of INFINCE that makes it different from other cloud platforms. Quick deployment is one such, where a company can set up and run INFINCE within minutes. INFINCE is also economical as it integrates optimal cloud configurations that cut down cost without sacrificing on performance.

INFINCE’s concierge IT services together with 24/7 support help small companies deploy the right technology. With it, small businesses get the advantage of a true enterprise cloud with all the functionalities at half the cost. In addition, the huge array of productivity tools and utility apps integrated with INFINCE helps automate marketing, improve customer engagement, open up collaboration across all levels and monitor workforce productivity through its streamlined dashboards.

About Fingent

Fingent is a global IT company specializing in developing custom software solutions that help businesses succeed. Starting operations in 2003, Fingent has grown over the years with more development centers spread across three countries. By building sustainable business practices across different industries, Fingent has become the preferred partner for leading enterprises like Sony, Johnson & Johnson, PwC etc.  The industry expertise combined with a robust workforce have enabled us to consistently deliver strategic solutions for a global clientele.

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