Monthly Roundup Blog : Insights on Mobile App Development, Machine Learning and more

This month we are covering how creating and fostering mobile-driven digital ecosystem help grow your customer base and provide services effectively. We will also be discussing how zero code platforms ease the pain of mobile app development. Lastly, we cover what happens when Machine Learning meets the business world.

Zero-Code Platforms Ease the Pain of Mobile App Development |

Enterprises find themselves plagued with issues like apps not performing as expected, apps scoring low on user experience and more. But with the benefits of zero-code being obvious to more and more businesses, more platforms are on its way to becoming mainstream.

Where Do You Fit in the Mobile-Core Digital Ecosystem?| Clutch

With the global proliferation of mobile users, enterprises must now focus on mobile-centric solutions. Such a rapid increase in global mobile usage points to a paradigm shift in the future of digital communications.

Mobile devices now act as the medium for facilitating all kinds of communications and services within an ecosystem. In addition, their improved connectivity options and versatility makes them ideal for all kinds of digital ecosystems.

When Machine Learning Meets the Business World| DZone

Let’s discover what happens when Machine Learning meets the business world. Take a look at how it will transform businesses as well as how it will minimize risks.

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Tijesh Babu

Tijesh Babu

Tijesh has been working as an ERP Business Analyst since 2009 and is currently a part of Fingent's Project Management Office (PMO). With an experience of over 7 years, Tijesh is responsible for analyzing the needs of the business and its customers and providing solutions to business problems.

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