New ‘Business-ready’ Infrastructure services from Fingent to help SMBs cut overhead costs by 30%.

White Plains, New York – April 23, 2018

Fingent Corp, a New York based technology solution and consultant organization, today introduced business-ready infrastructure services for SMB’s. Fingent aims to empower SMBs with world-class infrastructure capabilities at an affordable cost.

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According to a study by Intuit, over 80% of small businesses aim to embrace the cloud by 2020. Here, businesses can enjoy the flexibility, security, and scalability of the cloud, but at a fraction of the cost of maintaining on-prem servers. Therefore, leveraging the advantages of cloud technologies, small and medium-sized businesses can also compete at scale with larger enterprises.

However, making infrastructure decisions are difficult. As Stephen Cummings, Sr. VP, puts it “Small and Medium businesses invest in infrastructure without understanding its full potential, leading to an increase in overhead costs and resource wastage. Therefore, organizations must realize the advantages cloud technologies offer and build infrastructure and server strategies that align with their business needs and their long-term objectives.”

Fingent’s dedicated team of infrastructure experts have understood this growing and dynamic need for infrastructure guidance among SMBs. So, it is only through an informed approach can an organization build sustainable server and infrastructure practices that can help run the business smoothly. Furthermore, having the right tools and processes gives organizations far greater flexibility to respond to changing markets and consumer needs. Not to mention lower costs, increased security and better efficiency.

“As the leading innovators in cloud technologies, we believe managed infrastructure support will give business owners the ability to focus more on their core business.” said Tony Joseph, Client Partner, and a Cloud Technology Enthusiast. “Organizations need a well-structured and an easy way to adopt the latest in cloud technologies and server management. Our aim is to augment organizations with the right set of capabilities. And as a result, be a catalyst for rapid business growth.”

Known for its server and infrastructure reliability and comprehensive customer support, Fingent aims to be the go-to technology partner for upcoming SMBs. Added to this, Fingent’s expertise with Azure, Rackspace, AWS and other cloud providers, has enabled Fingent to power numerous web and mobile applications, used by millions of customers across the globe.

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Fingent develops and maintains custom software that equips businesses to operate more effectively, more efficiently, and with more resiliency. Since 2003, Fingent has developed sophisticated web and mobile software solutions that have been key to our clients’ business success — rapidly, on schedule, and on budget. Fingent has offices in White Plains, NY, and Cambridge, MA.

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