Why Clutch Rates Fingent as a Top Custom Software Development Company

Every year, Clutch, the popular B2B ratings and research firm publish a report on the leading players in the software segment. Constantly updated, these listings review companies excelling in software development and curate them accordingly on how they rank within Clutch’s assessment criteria. This time, Clutch has come up with a new report listing the top custom software development companies currently serving the market.

From about 5997 firms, Clutch based their evaluation on client reviews, market presence, experience and the ability to deliver. Among the multitude of firms reviewed, Fingent Corporation ranks among the top custom software development companies. In the Clutch Leaders Matrix, Fingent manages to keep the right balance and stays on top with an overall score of 39.3.

Market presence, clients and experience each scored remarkably well with 9.5 and 9.75 points. Fingent’s 50 percent service focus in custom software development reflects its proficiency in conceiving tailored solutions to businesses of all kinds. Itransition, its main competitor stays side by side scoring 39.4 in the ability to deliver, 9.4 in market presence and 10 for clients and experience.

Why Clutch Listed Fingent as a Top Custom Software Development Company

Striking the right balance in terms of service focus, client reviews and experience is the key. Fingent manages to ticks all boxes with its proficient custom software solutions that cover each of these critical aspects. Clutch base their assessment by keeping these factors in the spotlight, which is the sole reason why Fingent came on top.

Clutch undertakes a different approach to identify leading software companies. Several credible factors go through stringent evaluation such as valid feedback from current and previous clients, ability to deliver high-quality solutions to clients consistently, solid market presence, services offered and many others. Moreover, the ratings also focus on the company’s passion in work, intent on client satisfaction and commitment for delivering quality and innovative results consistently.

Fingent puts more emphasis on driving value to their customers and strives constantly to achieve this in the plethora of solutions they offer. Deep expertise in software combined with a varied client base across multiple industries enables it to come up with new ways to blend in industry standard practices and innovative approaches together. Apart from that, the company believes in building good levels of trustworthiness with their clients and work towards fulfilling it in everything they do.

For instance, a majority of clients states that working with Fingent allowed them to reduce their quality control costs largely, that at times amounted to about 70 percent.

Technical Competency

Solid technical proficiency stands as the fundamental ground in which most software development companies operate. Fingent’s team of skilled professionals dispersed globally have strong background and experience in the cutting-edge technologies of today to resolve every challenge they face. With its diverse talent pool, Fingent’s services extend to further include the entire web and mobile development segment such as enterprise software development, web application development, mobile application development, SaaS development, etc.

Seamless Collaboration

Collaboration could work across different levels and each of these influences the results considerably. Companies building software solutions need effective collaboration with their clients on a consistent basis to guide the development process across individual levels so that the finished product resembles exactly what they envisioned. Besides, these collaboration exists among the development team, administration departments, designers and those in the top of the organizational hierarchy.

Team Collaboration

Fingent’s qualified development teams push the software development process a step forward by integrating effective collaboration across all levels. These facilitate improved collaboration with the clients so as to adhere close to their requirements, spice up communication among the stakeholders and brings the development teams to adopt proven methodologies for ensuring successful delivery of the project within the stipulated deadlines.

Cost Effective

The costs of building a software are proportional to the amount of functionality offered in it. Some development companies build software by trimming down the functionality and features, which adversely affects its quality and usability. Fingent’s approach is unique, as it applies modern design principles without sacrificing on any key functionality to deliver highly dependable and efficient software within affordable pricing.

Leveraging state of the art cloud, mobile and web technologies enable Fingent to come up with tailored solutions at reduced costs. There is better streamlining of the software development across its entire lifecycle with the adoption of lean principles as well as simplification of business processes utilized by the clients.

Cost Effective

Summing up, the deep expertise and leveraging of latest technologies bring about more accuracy in quotes, which include all aspects of development from scratch to the finished product. Adhering to proprietary technology and custom practices enable Fingent to bring out solutions quickly and on budget. $25 to $49 per hour is the average development cost for standard projects at Fingent.

Strong Establishment

A firm establishing background nurtures a work environment that prompts growth across its entire development workforce. Fingent since its beginnings in 2003 has quickly expanded and in the years that followed evolved into a reputable company build on the foundation of trust, value, and efficiency. Deviating from conventional methodologies and practices, Fingent’s uniqueness lies in its approach of following up its projects even after deployment in the form of continued support.

Based in New York, USA, Fingent grew in scope and client base that resulted in widening its operations on a global footprint. There are branches in Boston and UAE as well as two research and development centers in India to scale up infrastructural and talent base for serving the growing client base. Fingent’s impressive clientele counts among the industry’s leading names that range from Fortune 500 companies to budding startups.

strong establishment

Multinational conglomerates like Sony, Johnson &  Johnson, NEC, PWC etc. are some of the partnering clients that leverage Fingent’s expertise in carving out robust software solutions to resolve their individual challenges. This growing client base stretches across 14 countries and 4 continents. Moreover, the company maintains an active 300+ full-time employees, classified into separate teams for improved collaboration and swift delivery of solutions.

Fingent’s tailored solutions seamlessly integrate with the requirements of enterprises to help them optimize their processes and operations from its core. Get in touch with our solutions consultants right away to bring the advantage of robust cost-effective software solutions into your business for redefining it all together.

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Fingent has helped businesses leverage the power of IT to create solutions that solve complex business challenges for more than 13 years. Get in touch with us for a free consultation to know how you can leverage our expertise in web and mobile applications to improve your business for higher productivity and profits.

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