Fingent Continues Global Expansion with New Office in Australia

Fingent Now at Melbourne!

Be it the discovery of transforming technologies like GPS Maps, or be it the home of a smart future hub like Tonsley Innovation District; Australia has always been marked for renowned digital disruption. Accelerating this culture of rapid technological evolution, Fingent has spread wings of technological expertise and sophisticated software solutions in this land of innovation.

Responding to the growing technological needs of existing customers and visioning to transform the budding industries of Australia, Fingent is all set with a new office in Melbourne, to deliver the best technological assistance.

Before we dive deeper into Fingent’s global expansion, let’s take a look at Australia’s booming industries.

An Overview of Australia’s Fastest Growing Sectors

According to the 2017 Industry Employment Projections Report, released by the Australian Government, these four major sectors are expected to grow rapidly over the next five years.

Healthcare Industry

Due to Australia’s aging population, the overall healthcare and social assistance sector are expected to grow by 16.1 percentage in the coming years. With such rapid growth, adopting digital transformation is turning into a necessity more than an option. A few technologies that are trending in today’s healthcare market are blockchain, AI, augmented and virtual reality.

Education and Training

The educational industry is one of the constantly growing sectors of Australia. Being the third most popular study abroad destination in the world, the Australian education market is expected to grow at a rate of 12 percentage in the next five years. Technologies like AR, VR, and IoT are constantly implemented in this sector to maintain growth stability.

Retail Trade

Retail trade in Australia is expected to grow at a rate of 3.7 percentage in five years. With the increasing growth in food, motor vehicle, fuel and other store-based retailing, the industry ranks second in the high-demand occupations of Australia. Keeping up the pace of such growth, retail providers are adopting cutting-edge technologies to enhance their customer experience.


With an annual increase of 2.8 percentage, the construction industry is not only growing in size but also by productivity. To maintain this pace of growth in the sector, the construction business providers are constantly integrating proptech solutions to provide with the best services.

Rapid growth and the need for digitization in most of the major business sectors makes Australia the economy to foster technological growth. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Fingent is expanding presence in Australia with expertise software solutions, professional services, and support capabilities.

“Innovation through collaboration is growing in Australia. Almost one in five Australian business actively collaborated with others when implementing innovation in 2018, and we are excited to be a part of this growth. We are optimistic about the new opportunities that Melbourne has to offer. ”

-Dileep Jacob – Head of Global Delivery, Fingent

 Fingent’s Vision

Currently, Fingent is one of the leading providers of custom web and mobile software and enterprise integration services in the world. With a strong foothold in the major industries like Real Estate, Healthcare, Retail, Education and Finance, Fingent has an active client base across four continents. With development centers in India offering constant technical solutions at attractive prices, the office at Melbourne will aim at providing personal attention and timely communication to clients situated in the Asian-pacific regions.

Fingent’s purpose-built solutions have enabled numerous enterprises to streamline their unique business process and leverage the existing technology assets to foster business growth and value. Fingent’s expertise lies in empowering industries with the appropriate technologies that can transform their business system and drive overall success. With trending and sophisticated technologies like Microsoft, SAP, Mobile, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, and Open Source, Fingent aims to deliver not just technology solutions, but practices and insights that can help business in Australia to transform to industry leaders. Through the office at Melbourne, Fingent focuses on extending personalized services and strategic support to the leading enterprises of Australia.

About Fingent

Fingent is a software development company that develops custom software to enable our clients to operate more effectively, more efficiently, and with more resiliency. Since 2003, Fingent has developed web and mobile software solutions that have been key to our clients’ business success. Our technology and industry expertise enables us to deliver sophisticated solutions rapidly and on budget. For us, it is not only about delivering software but also about partnering and playing a part in business efforts to shape a brighter and smarter future.


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