Top 8 Security Issues in Mobile App Development

Hordes of app release every single day and most of them carry important user information. These apps are vulnerable to hacker attacks that look for weaknesses in apps, tap into them and phish user information or implant a malware. However, according to studies, the number of malware detections has dropped by 40% compared to 2017.

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To ensure users really benefit from your app and at the same time are not left vulnerable, every mobile app development company needs to tackle these 8 security issues.

1. Picking up codes written by hackers

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Many hackers create codes hoping that app developers will pick them up to use their idea. Many people do not seek to build apps from the ground up. Instead, they utilize easy frameworks and ready-made codes to customize them into their own app. A mobile app development company should not trust these third-party codes without verification, especially if the app deals with sensitive user information.

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2. Leaving the cache unchecked

Mobiles are known to be more susceptible to security breaches since it is easy to access the cached information inside them. Develop an app that utilizes a smart cache cleaning cycle that works automatically or requires a password for use.

3. Not performing security testing thoroughly

It is the duty of an app developer to go through proper security testing and take appropriate measures to fix vulnerabilities. Many developers get sloppy and release their apps in beta modes that leave users at risk. This not only affects the customer’s data, but also results in negative brand publicity that will hurt your app. So test your app properly, check every aspect including the camera, GPS, and sensors. Also, disable NSLog statement on iOS that stores the debug information in case of an app crash. For Android users, the log is generally cleared when the device reboots.

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4. Weak or no encryption

Encrytion against hackers

Encryption algorithms are the first line of defense when it comes to blocking hackers from attacking user phones and even the servers. But remember that with the rise in technology, these encryptions also need to be upgraded. There have been apps that stored user information in simple language and were hacked too easily.

5. Lack of server-side security

Many app developers may provide better security for their apps, but their server-side security is susceptible to attack. Such negligence can cause loss of sensitive data such as credit card information, personal identification information, and more. If you deal with collecting big data of users, get a certified Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and avoid using low-grade security encryption to avoid leaks of your analytics and advertising information.

6. Slow upgrades and patching

Once you launch your app, hackers start working on exploiting the weakness of your app. Once these are exposed, it is imperative that you start plugging the holes and update the users with immediate patches to restore the app’s functioning as well as the faith of the users. Remember, there is no margin of error if you deal with sensitive information. A lack or delayed fixing of issues might make your app obsolete too.

7. Protecting the device with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

An EMM solution will work great at protecting the device from getting a jailbreak or being rooted. This avoids the removal of built-in security that a mobile operating system offers to keep the data safe for long. Using an EMM will also provide a way to authenticate users before launching an app and can be used to apply various security policies to prevent data hacking.

8. No plan to obstruct physical breaches

A mobile application development company should think beyond the digital realm. Chances are that the device is lost or stolen. Apps can be made to implement session timeouts weekly or monthly to clear the device of stored passwords.

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If you have a mobile application idea, it is always better to seek professional developers and companies to make them for you instead of trying free third-party codes and make your app vulnerable.  

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