InfinCE to Sponsor Virtual Conference by Digital Workplace Experience!

InfinCE to Sponsor a virtual conference organized by the Digital Workplace Experience!

It is no doubt that the spur in remote working culture, posed by the COVID19 pandemic has disrupted the smooth functioning of businesses worldwide. With an aim to help companies overcome such challenges and still unlock new opportunities within this realm, Digital Workplace Experience is organizing a series of virtual conferences for enterprises worldwide, from the 11th of February, 2021. InfinCE, the flagship product of Fingent top software development company, is the keynote sponsor of the conference! 

The event promises inspiring talks from innovative and well known Business Thought Leaders, giving away tips and secrets of predicting challenges before they occur. InfinCE will also exhibit its virtual booth to illuminate business leaders with technology that enhances collaboration, communication, data security, as well as eliminate the many challenges prevailing in today’s business world.

The conference aims to bring together thousands of enterprise executives to share their real-world company culture, employee experience, and digital workplace platform challenges. Business leaders from across the globe are welcome to attend the series of events which includes talks, in-depth workshops, insights into the world’s best digital workplaces, and candid case studies to enhance business leadership qualities and skillsets.

Digital Workplace Experience is gathering together the world’s most influential companies and intelligent workplace leaders to sponsor the events. InfinCE, which is an infinite cloud platform, aims at simplifying remote work with upbeat technologies. Sharing the similar objective of assisting businesses from around the globe with a unified business management platform that redefines how office-work tech is provisioned for today’s business, InfinCE is honored to be a part of this virtual conference as the keynote sponsor.

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About InfinCE

InfinCE is an all-in-one collaboration platform that redefines the enterprise cloud by bringing together all the IT resources needed for an organization and its workforce to operate from anywhere. InfinCE offers customizable dashboards with smart tiles for data visualization, a full complement of collaboration apps and productivity tools, and a curated business app marketplace. It also lets business owners control their information assets through a single admin panel, with minimal effort. The platform also offers customizable websites, business emails, a company-branded mobile app, and more, delivering a competitive edge to business users. 



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