INFOGRAPHIC: Major Challenges of Big Data in The Real Estate Industry

“Data is the oil of the 21st century.” The question is, how can we process and integrate it into current business processes to reap more profit? Every business today focus on taking their traditional business operation, applying digitalization, to produce something that customers are willing to pay for. Customers will make use of these changes if they see a gain in terms of monetary or time efficiency. So, digitalization, if applied to the real estate sector, brings tremendous returns in terms of efficiency, sales, ROI, customer satisfaction and more.

Digitalization might have made its mark in the Real Estate industry, but big data is the primary component of the current evolutionary process that real estate firms must harness. The infographic deals with the effect of big data, and the impact and application of big data processes in the real estate sector, offering tremendous potential which has not yet been properly exploited. The results are based on the findings of a survey comprising nearly 468 real estate companies from and around Europe.

Big Data challenges



Stay tuned, for the next infographic –  The Impact of Big Data Analytics in the Real Estate Industry, 2017


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Ajay Basant

Ajay Basant

Ajay works in the Project management office at Fingent and has conceptualized and delivered multiple products in the real estate domain specifically for residential property management and maintenance management. He has been successfully conceptualizing and deploying IT solutions for over 7 years and has spent over half a decade working with the Real Estate industry. He has core Business Analyst experience within the Information Technology sector working with global clients to create and deploy complex Web, Desktop & Mobile applications with cutting edge technology.

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