Learning Management System: Does it Have A Future?

Learning Management System or LMS has been a powerful tool used in the Human Resource (HR) and Learning & Development (L&D) departments since decades. This digital system that administers, documents, tracks, and reports activity of each employee grew phenomenally with over ten-billion-dollar of industry spends. Although such learning management content system plays a vital role in updating the employees, the system is touted to be the downfall. The question is whether LMS is really fading into obscurity or is there more than meets the eye.

Where Does the Problem Lie?

LMS eLearning

LMS is a total desktop solution that offers not just e-learning solution, but even manage enrollments, instructor-led training, offer classroom resources and keep track of individual performances as per compliances. After the digital boom, LMS systems stayed their course and the rest of the world evolved around them. The underlying problem was that the system got rigid while the learning ecosystem changed completely.

Need to Rehash

With every changing trend, Learning Management System will have to adapt and modify to ensure that it doesn’t go out of the window. The lack of integration and less degree of customization options has until now hampered the growth of LMS market. The idea is to consider the dramatic changes that have occurred and create an innovative, future-proof LMS.

How to Update?

LMS should be no more limited to a desktop and should be provided on multiple devices for better accessibility. This includes seamless learning via a smartphone, laptop, and tablet in addition to the desktop. The option to provide a mobile learning experience with short, manageable lessons will increase engagement. Another idea to proactively change is adding a customized system that offers a personal touch with respect to the learner’s need. Gamification of the entire content also helps in providing a better learning experience for the learners.

LMS Gamification

There are a lot of data generated via LMS that should be used to devise better strategies by the L&D department. The design of LMS should not be daunting and should have a user-friendly UI that motivates them to learn more. A well-planned design enhanced an automatic workflow is a perfect way to improve productivity, efficiency, and engage the employees to get involved. Adding some lucrative tools that are ancillary to the cause of LMS can add some weight to its worth. Also, as per its name, learning content management system should not just focus on providing learning experience but also offer all-around learning management.

How Will Learning Management System Benefit From This Change?

With cloud-based LMS’s on the rise and change in various tools that rehash the system completely, the growth of the LMS market is evident. The many advantages that it will offer are easy use, cost-efficiency, accessibility, flexibility, multi-platform support, and personalization for a successful L&D strategy.

The Future is Bright

Learning Management System Software

According to a new research by Zion Market Research, LMS market is growing at a steady rate and is valued at around USD 5.19 billion in 2016 with the scope of reaching USD 19.05 billion in 2022 with a CAGR of almost 24%. The major factor for such a prediction is the requirement of information and high-quality education to stay in the market. Learning Management System that evolves with time and offers cost-effective learning in an efficient way can do very well.

With growing trend, everything is replaced or changed and Learning Management System is no different. But continuous evolution and significant changes that will connect and engage all types of users is a definite way of keeping the employees sharp. We offer such powerful e-learning tools that will enhance the scope of your company and provide an incredible way to educate your staff.

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