Major Challenges Hindering Enterprise Mobility

An elixir! But with a Pinch of Salt!

This ubiquitous realm of Digital has not only weaved new waves, but has also unlocked potential problems of its own. But then again, it is the problems when addressed in the right way that brings any technology to maturity. The mobile era for enterprises is still relatively young and the right efforts at the early stages can do a lot in shaping the technology to make it the reckoning power it can be. Enterprises need the reassurance that the potential challenges mentioned below can be dealt effectively, having lesser hassles as we move on into a truly mobile landscape.



Data Security


The influx of mobile device has given businesses the opportunity to expand into new areas and to get equipped with tools that previously did not exist. The scale still tilts in the direction of being cautious even with these possibilities. BYOD strategies have been reluctantly welcomed by organisations due to concerns of security and the possible increase in points of vulnerability. With mobile, a new kind of vulnerability of possible theft also becomes prominent. Such threats can lead to loss of corporate data, giving unauthorized access to the corporate network. Even though the scale tilts more dominantly to the side of being mobile wary, it shouldn’t be the case going forward. There can be protocols and inbuilt security that can stop a lot of security concerns but refraining from and educating the employees about risky interactions can help the corporates have better control.


Data Access

Data Access

It is highly imperative that an employee working from the field is not limited to the data that he has. With concerns over security, mobile should not be an inferior option to the connected devices in the offices. Having limits on the way mobile can perform, defeats the purpose for which it stands for, rendering the capital spend for mobile strategy irrelevant. With a good mobile application development policy, data can be provided in real time with the IT having a secure control over it.


Enterprise Mobile Applications

Statistics tells us that employee productivity can increase by more than 30% with an enterprise mobile app. But the problem is, most organisations fail to tap into this productivity due to short-sightedness in the development of the app. The multitude of devices and the OS makes it difficult to build native apps for these diverse scenarios, this along with the lack of skilled developers and testing makes it a headache even with the right  more profound.  Hence it becomes imperative for organisations to take expert help for giving efficient, swift and functional mobile apps.


Supporting Mobile Workforce

Remote Workforce

Managing a remote workforce should also have a streamlined process through which IT can support them. The workforce irrespective of their location should be able to connect seamlessly in times of need to take required help from IT. This makes a strong network a default requirement make the enterprise mobility a success. The creation of a working environment in which employees can do what they do traditionally in an office space is the final litmus of a truly mobile workforce. They should not feel limited by the network, the device, the application or the security.

The Mobile strategy is here to stay, it becomes imperative for an organization to develop full-fledged, well-rounded apps that can deliver a consistent experience to the user. Granted using mobile has a few concerns, but these would get rectified along the way. There is no shying away from a mobile strategy especially with the exponential adoption of mobile devices all around, it only becomes a natural evolution of the workplace to rest within the hands of the employees in times to come.

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