Infographic: The Truth About E-Commerce, 2017-2024

What will happen with the eCommerce industry in 2017 to 2024?

The retail and E-commerce industry is moving at a lightning speed. It is said that in 20 years from now, people won’t even remember buying things going to a physical shop or handing over physical money. Every retailer should have these massive e-commerce trends on their radar for the coming years and continue building their digital capabilities to strive in the future market and remain their customers’ favorite. This infographic showcase the purchase behaviors, popular demands, and top trends that will dominate the e-commerce industry in coming years that shall impact the way customers shop and retailers operate.



If you are into Retail, sell things online or plan to start doing so in near future, or is a consumer of any type, this infographic is a must-see.

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    Ashmitha Chatterjee

    Ashmitha works with Fingent as a creative writer. She collaborates with the Digital Marketing team to deliver engaging, informative, and SEO friendly business collaterals. Being passionate about writing, Ashmitha frequently engages in blogging and creating fiction. Besides writing, Ashmitha indulges in exploring effective content marketing strategies.

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