Google’s Vision for Machine Learning and Other Top Reads in Technology and Leadership (2/19/18)

Bill Gates: ‘A.I. can be our friend’ | CNBC
“AI can be our friend,” says Gates, speaking with “Hamilton” composer Lin-Manuel Miranda and his wife, Melinda, at Hunter College in New York City on Tuesday.

5 Things CEOs Should Start (and Stop) Doing in 2018 | Inc.
With the new year comes a new set of business trends leaders need to be monitoring. What will deliver the biggest impact this year?

How Cloud Computing Is Changing Management | HBR
How will management be changed by the most impactful information technology of our time: cloud computing. What does it allow us to do differently, and how will that change the way we do things in the future?

Innovation shapes the future of transportation technologies | Bloomberg
Together with new software and hardware technologies, including machine learning, blockchain, and the Internet-of-Things, today’s emerging mobility innovations and technologies could allow consumers to move more seamlessly between different modes of transport, as well as improve how the system is managed and controlled, with significant benefits to those who live and work in cities.

Google’s Vision for Mainstreaming Machine Learning | The Next Platform
Google has been a vocal proponent of the idea of democratizing AI by making it easier for mainstream businesses to use.

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